[Emerald] Please help, Questions on Emerald & SQL....

Eric ( ejensen@accnorwalk.com )
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 14:25:42 -0400

Please help...
We have a few questions/requests for Emerald2.5...

1) Is it possible to set the "Permanent Extension" to default to 15? I
checked in the "MasterAccounts" table at "OverDue" and tried to change the
default to 15 but it did not reflect the change in Emerald when adding new

2) In Emerald Admin, we have had to set the "Default Extend" (which sets
the temporary extend) to 15 and the "Default Expire" to 15. We have found
that if these are not set this way, then when you add users, a "Pro-Rate"
charge is added to the account, which we do not want. The way we pro-rate
is based on the week of the month ($5.00 per week), and if there is a way
for us to change Emerald to do this, then that is great. My question here
is... Can anyone see a potential problem with setting these values
("Default Expire" & "Default Extend") each to 15 in the Emerald Admin?

3) In the new Emerald, the way taxes are applied is different than the
older versions. When we upgraded, we found that all of our business
accounts were not set to taxable. Does anyone have a script that checks the
services and then modifies the "Taxable" field under "MasterAccounts" if
the Services matches at taxable service in the "AccountTypes" table, or
something like that. This one is not a 3 alarm fire, we only have about
1000+ business accounts, and to go through each one and check taxable
wouldn't be a big deal.

4) After running a few scripts to change the dates for "PaidThru",
"maExpiredDate", and "OverDue", the logs are getting full, and truncating
the transaction log doesn't seem to clear it out. What is the SQL script to
clear out the logs, and are there any dangers in doing this once in a while?

That's all I can think of for right now ;o)
Thank you for all the help,
Eric Jensen

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