Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:39:40 -0700

Jason Powell wrote:
> Our UpdateCalls Accounts keeps failing also. The error we get is:
> Cursorfetch: Maximum length of '@username' is incompatible with that of
> selected column in the cursor [box here] (message 16923)

If you have a username field of 32 characters in your calls table,
then you will get this error on the older 2.5 install. It assumed
only a 16 character username field. To correct the problem, you
need to edit the UpdateCalls_AccountID stored proc, and change the
length of the @username variable to 32, like below:

CREATE Proc UpdateCalls_AccountID AS
DECLARE @username varchar(32), @acctid int

> Unable to open table at query execution time (Message 202)

Can you go into your tasks in Enterprise manager and check the history
of the ones you have and see if any are overlapping (specifically the
two UpdateCalls procs)? You need to calculate the start time and
length to find out when each ends.


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