Re: [Emerald] Add a Linux User from Emerald?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 15:41:22 -0700

Chris Cover wrote:
> Ok. So what if I need to use two services types from
> the accounting section at the same time? Will I need

I don't follow what you are asking here? It shouldn't
matter how many service types you need to use.

> to have a separate service for this? Is the path to
> the files to write a share path, (\\MACHINE\SHARE\name),
> or do I need to "map a drive" on the server that is
> running Emerald and then specify a path like "X:\"?

Use a UNC like \\machines\share\filename. The path is accessed
from the Emerald client when you do an External Systems...Batch
out menu request.

> Does Emerald append information to the files that it will
> write on the Samba share? Does it overwrite? How do you
> manage a thing like that? Sed/Awk? Any examples that anyone
> may know of?

It appends information to the file. Its the responsibility
of the reading program to rename/truncate/whatever the file.

> To be a little bold with an opinion, I think that it is not
> a very "clean" solution. I think that the ability to send
> an E-mail to an Admin each time a user of particular service
> is added/modified/deleted is more manageable (Yes, as manual
> as it may be :) than the Samba thing (not that I'm opposed
> to the solution). I guess that's probably skeptical opinion
> since I haven't actually set things up to try it yet, but...
> maybe I'm leading up to a feature request:

Its the difference between automatication and manual-mation. :)
We prefer the first, to remove human error.

> the least complex solution, that I can imagine, is a program
> designed by and for Emerald, that operates on a port of a
> UNIX machine. The program can accept requests from Emerald.

We've been pondering this idea.

> There could be a proprietary protocol with a username, password,
> and maybe encryption. The program could be wrapped via inetd, so
> that connections are accepted only from the IP address where
> Emerald is running. In Emerald's definition of a service, there
> could be a check box, maybe "Use Unix server", with a text box
> to indicate the IP address of the Unix server. It could include
> a mandatory shell (no telnet shell), allow/disallow FTP access
> toggle switch, etc.) A Help button would reveal that you need
> to download and compile such-and-such file from
> ftp://such-and-such and read the docs contained in the archive.

We are actually looking at a pull-type system from the unix system
directly from the database. This makes this a lot more secure
and doesn't require all the hoops. We have the basics working
well for a couple of custom implementations. We will not be
actually do any additional unix-specific work (like adding users
to a passwd file or creating websits) but making it available
for you to do build a solution on.


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