[Emerald] Add a Linux User from Emerald?

Chris Cover ( (no email) )
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 15:34:12 -0400

We have Emerald set up primarily for dialup and primary mail service
(MailSite). Any number of people in the office can administer those
services. And, we also have a little Linux box acting as FTP and Web

Making sure that people remember to add/modify/delete an account on
this Linux box every time they add/modify/delete an account through
Emerald is getting is little time consuming and error prone. (Maybe,
for the sake of argument, the box could be any other non-Windows
machine, BSD, Solaris, FreeBSD, whatever...)

Can Emerald get around this scenario? In other words, is there software
out there that will "accept add/modify/delete requests" from Emerald?
Or, can Emerald be configured to send an E-mail to a particular
administrator each time a user has been added/modified/deleted using
Emerald? Are there other ways to make this task more convenient?

Any help is much appreciated!



--Chris Cover <ccover@signature-is.com>Systems AdministratorSignature Internet Solutions

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