Re: [Emerald] Add a Linux User from Emerald?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 14:27:31 -0700

Chris Cover wrote:
> We have Emerald set up primarily for dialup and primary mail service
> (MailSite). Any number of people in the office can administer those
> services. And, we also have a little Linux box acting as FTP and Web
> server.
> Making sure that people remember to add/modify/delete an account on
> this Linux box every time they add/modify/delete an account through
> Emerald is getting is little time consuming and error prone. (Maybe,
> for the sake of argument, the box could be any other non-Windows
> machine, BSD, Solaris, FreeBSD, whatever...)
> Can Emerald get around this scenario? In other words, is there software
> out there that will "accept add/modify/delete requests" from Emerald?
> Or, can Emerald be configured to send an E-mail to a particular
> administrator each time a user has been added/modified/deleted using
> Emerald? Are there other ways to make this task more convenient?

You can go into the Emerald Admin, and configure a generic/unix
External System. There are two filess that you can define (the
label on older Emeralds had on as a dir, but they are both files).
Then you can associated service types to that External System for
thoser Service types you want to be sent to the unix system.

What you need to do on the unix side is make a samba share, and
put the files into that samba share. Emerald will write a file

ADD login password accounttype expire ...
DEL login
PWD login password

etc into that file, which you can then write a script to interpret
and process. Usually ISPs already have a set of scripts they
manually use, which they just need to write a front-end piece


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