Re: [Emerald] SQL - timeon2.cfm scripts

Jason ( (no email) )
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 16:05:37 -0500

First off...kudos and many thanks go to Dale, the hardest working guy I

Secondly will the timeon3.cfm work with CF3.0 or just 4.0?

I only ask because I immediatly installed it and when I go to logon I get
the Invalid Username or Password message. I do have a DSN pointing to my
Emerald DB in SQL and have verified it with CFAdmin ok. I turned on the
debugging in CFAdmin and here is the pertinent info I get back:

USER (Records=0, Time=0ms)
SELECT Login, AccountID
FROM SubAccounts
WHERE (Login = 'user' or EMail = 'user')
AND Password = 'password'
Execution Time
15 milliseconds
Form Fields:

It's the 15 millisecond execute time that is throwing me off. We have 1000
users in the db shouldn't it take just a tad bit longer to check that.
Anyway I get the same message no matter what username/password combo I use.
I'm downloading CF40 from Allaire to see if it will work there...

Jason Roblyer

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