Re: [Emerald] Feature Request

DAN TANG ( (no email) )
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 12:00:31 +0800

>DAN TANG wrote:
>> We would like user able to change the account type by themself through
>> interface, but the way Emerald does the consolidation would not allow us
>> change account.
>This is something we are looking to address in a future release.
>> My suggestion is:
>> We should keep the balance field in the MBR, customer can pay whatever
>> amount they like, everytime the RADIUS receive a stop record, it should
>> a consolidation process, and reduce the amount of credit customer spent
>> this connection from the balance field. The balance field should allow
>> negative value. On the other hand, a lot of account have minium monthly
>> charge, every day(month, quarter or year) Emerald should run a
>> to reduce this amount from the balance as well. This way user can
>> the consolidation process according to account type as well.
>Can you give me an example of a set of services the customer would
>frequently switch between where this kind of real-time processing
>is required? I'm just curious more than anything.

1.If customer add an additonal service for a MBR, sure he/she does not want
to go through the step of recalculate when the service going to expire or
pay additional for the service.
2.Some user may want extra FTP storage for 3 days, they can register the
request through the web, ISP only need to program a schedule in SQL, can do
this sort of thing.
3.Also some one may go holidy for 2 months, he/she does not need dialup
permission, but want to receive email while on holiday, obviously need to
change service type, if the usage is charged at daily base, all these
process can be automated by put some web interface and customer can do them
4. If customer find out some other account will save their money according
to their usage pattern, they can simply change the account type through web
and everything is done.

>> By the way, on next version, could you change all the MONEY data type to
>> FLOAT, so the invoice would print properly.

>Please expand on this? Why are the invoices currently not printing
>properly? Money in SQL Server is accurate to 4 decimals.

This way I can do any calculation and only need to worry about it when
updating and displaying, and would be much more accurate, as you know you
could never divide/multiply by time for more then 2 times without loosing
the accuraccy.

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