RE: [Emerald] feature request: Duplicate Credit Card Search and a

Brad Teague ( )
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:28:01 -0500

This could cause major problems for lots of people I imagine. I know that we
have several customers that sometimes pay for someone else's account or
you've got a company paying for three different accounts or you've got a
small business owner with an account for his office and one for his home
that he wants billed seperately, etc. etc.

The Banned flag sounds like a reasonable idea though.

Brad Teague

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> From: Rudy Komsic []
> Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 11:10 PM
> To: Emerald@Iea-Software. Com
> Subject: [Emerald] feature request: Duplicate Credit Card Search and
> add Ban Flag to MBR
> With the high level of credit card fraud for Internet Services, I would
> like
> to suggest IEA to add a search for any duplicate Credit card # when you
> add
> a number into the database. When one is detected, it should bring up a
> warning stating the current card is being used for customer ID #xxx
> This will allow us to prevent fraud and prevent certain clients who have
> been booted from our system and not be able to return back to our system.
> Along with this feature, I would like to add a check box under the MBR
> called "banned" so that when we set up our automated client subscription,
> if
> a client who has been banned wants to set up another account, he will not
> be
> able to. This in return will assist us in reducing fraudelent use of
> credit
> cards or services.
> For our automated sign up system, we will be checking several items for
> duplicates and flags (Caller ID, Address, Name, Ban Flag and Credit Card
> Number)