RE: [Emerald] Serv-U

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:06:42 -0700


That Create View trick worked. I can now authenticate again. Thanks.

However, I am really stumped about this UNC thing and I don't know that this
is an issue for IEA. Serv-U says it cannot find the home directory, even
though I am using Serv-U 2.5, which should approve of UNC paths. As a
result, the user still doesn't get in. I tried creating a new share and
gave full rights to "System Account" (which is what Serv-U runs under lest
you want no tray icon), thinking that maybe using an administrative share
was causing the problem. Same result. I even went back to using Serv-U
2.4a. Same result.

Anyone have any ideas?

David V. Brenner -
International Services Network Corporation