Re: [Emerald] Help!! Not able to invoice

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:54:18 -0500

Greg wrote:
> We installed 2.5.278 on the same machines that had 2.2 for testing (big
> mistake). When trying to print an invoice in 2.5 I get "StartPrintJob in
> PrintCustom caused an error: SQL server error." We have CR5 installed is that the
> problem.
> Now when we select print from the MBR in 2.2 when we select Print this Account
> and Subaccounts it brings up 3000+ sub accounts, all of them. In 2.5 it
> brings up only that one. We removed 2.5 and 2.2 and reinstalled 2.2 but it
> still does the same thing but the one system we did not install 2.5 on its
> Ok. Is there a DLL we need to remove.

One thing to check is to make sure you are using the 2.2 invoice.rpt.
The 2.5 invoice.rpt will not work with Emerlad 2.2, and would give an
SQL Error.


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