RE: [Emerald] weird old bug

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 20:13:25 -0500

You need to look at each customer and make sure that they are set for Credit
Card AND Autobill = 1

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> Subject: [Emerald] weird old bug
> We seem to be having a problem left over from the pre- .278 Emeralds.
> We have dozens of credit card accounts that look normal but aren't being
> billed. They were billed once with version 2.5.? in Feb or March
> and their
> statement shows an invoice and corresponding payment posted under history.
> ...but that's it. The customers haven't been in any of the Batch Outs in
> several months. I don't know how do get them started again. They're not
> listed in "Bad Credit Card Transactions" because the credit card did go
> through and the invoice was paid.
> Has anyone run into a credit card customer that just isn't being invoiced?
> Any new customers that have been billed with 2.5.278 are fine.
> But I don't
> know where to start looking in the tables to see what the old
> version 2.5.?
> messed up that keeps some customers from being invoiced.