[Emerald] weird old bug

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 21:02:04 -0400

We seem to be having a problem left over from the pre- .278 Emeralds.

We have dozens of credit card accounts that look normal but aren't being
billed. They were billed once with version 2.5.? in Feb or March and their
statement shows an invoice and corresponding payment posted under history.

....but that's it. The customers haven't been in any of the Batch Outs in
several months. I don't know how do get them started again. They're not
listed in "Bad Credit Card Transactions" because the credit card did go
through and the invoice was paid.

Has anyone run into a credit card customer that just isn't being invoiced?

Any new customers that have been billed with 2.5.278 are fine. But I don't
know where to start looking in the tables to see what the old version 2.5.?
messed up that keeps some customers from being invoiced.