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Todd Hutchinson ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 22:58:21 -0700

I was told that this was a feature of emerald. Emerald looks at the user
name and looks at the first password, if that doesn't match then it is
suppose to look at the next password. If that feature doesn't work then do
I need to buy a copy of emerald for each virtual ISP, so they can all have


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TL Roberson wrote:
> We have setup several domains and associated each domain to a Billing
> In the Admin the Billing Group is marked Show Global but Unique Logins is
> not selected. When we try to setup an email only account joe@thisdomain
> billing group - user already exists alert pops up if joe@thatdomain is
> already setup. I've tried removing the domain and billing group, then
> adding them back to make sure we didn't have it wrong at initial setup.
> do we setup email accounts at different domains with the same account

Your looking at the Unique Logins option backwards. Unique Logins
allows that group to have a setup of unique logins from other
groups. Its not a good choice, when you look at authentication,
unless you require all your users to login with user@domain
(if there are two joes and one logins with just joe, then Emerald
can not tell which joe it is).


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