Re: [Emerald] Web-based front end to Emerald?

DAN TANG ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 May 1999 23:10:33 +0800

How much do you want to pay for it, give me a schedule, I will do it for
you. Please check it out on on some of my work. When
customer signup a account via web, e-mail, FTP, and FrontPage Web can be
setup automatically, all other changes are minor.



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From: Jeff Woods <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, 28 May 1999 2:30
Subject: [Emerald] Web-based front end to Emerald?

>Does anyone have a remotely complete web-based interface into much or
>The "contrib" section of the ftp site is woefully inadequate for what we
>need to do. We are outsourcing our tech support, and the help desk company
>refuses to install the Emerald client on the help desk machines. They want
>to access everything via the web, from password CONFIRMATION to Email
>address changes to adjusting of expiry dates, etc.
>The thought of taking six months off to write a web back end to Emerald
>doesn't excite me, especially since the whole point of outsourcing is to
>FREE UP more time.
>Anyone with a solution available for sale or download? Thanks!