Re: [Emerald] Open Letter to see how we can get our Emerald to

Glen Harvy ( )
Tue, 25 May 1999 09:25:45 +1000

At 14:53 24/05/99 -0400, you wrote:

For what it's worth, I have never been able to get Emerald to do what I want.

I am a document type of person - in other words I read the docs before
screaming for help. Unfortunately the docs were written apparently by a SQL
and NT Server guru who no doubt wrote a fair bit of the program. Most of it
is (at least was) indecipherable to me.

I still cannot get v2.2 to create accurate invoices. Emerald will delete
the database eradicating all proof of calls. I recycle all my accounts on
the 15th. Emerald insists on stats for the 1st only. I must use the US date
format even though this is not what we understand down under.

I was told v2.5 will fix my problems. As yet, I'm not aware of a stable
v2.5 that has been released yet - so I keep waiting.

I still use Emerald for database input - but I have since studied SQL etc
and now run my own scripts to create monthly usage databases and obtain
accurate statistics.

Living in Australia makes phone support a very expensive option. After all,
someone has already pointed out that we are asking for bugs to be fixed -
not technical support on our own setups.

All the assistance I have received has come via this list.

When someone tells me that there is a stable, fully functional version of
Emerald available - one that doesn't require an SQL guru to check my
current setup thoroughly before I even attempt to upgrade - then I will
stick to the broken Emerald that I am using.

Frankly, unless an option doesn't work then it shouldn't be included in a
release product. Read the docs - follow them explicitly and you will
discover many options don't work (at least for me).

Remember - I didn't raise this issue - I am still patiently waiting for a
release version that does what the docs say it does. I'm also waiting for
the docs to be completed.

>At 10:28 AM 5/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Any ISP should understand this growth pattern/challenge as its the
>>exact same for their business. We are working hard to staff up to
>>provide better support for our products.
>And doing a damn fine job, I might add. Both Sean and Kurt (full time
>support techs at IEA, for those who haven't called and PAID for support
>recently) are utmost professionals with the knowledge needed to support the
>Folks, this is a VERY horizontal app -- it has a limited market at best, a
>max of some 5,000 customers, with competition from many angles and many
>potential customers who refuse to look at NT-based solutions. That makes
>it EXPENSIVE, and that means support as well as purchase.

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