Re: [Emerald] Open Letter to see how we can get our Emerald to work

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 10:28:28 -0700

Don Barron wrote:
> thats because RadiusNT was written by someone who actually cares and is
> interested in helping others not just making a fast buck. I have used
> RadiusNT for over 3 years. I believe when I first used RadiusNT it was even
> a free product on its own, so that shows doesnt it. Furthermore when I asked
> for help back then with radius I got it straight from Dale as soon as and
> the help didnt stop until the problem was solved.

As IEA Software grows, and more people need/demand support, I can't
simply replicate myself to keep providing that kind of support. We
know have full sales and support groups to address those needs, so
that our R&D group (which I am in) can continue to provide cutting-edge
solutions to you. My paticipation on the lists here and in support are
voluntary, mainly because I love to talk to our customers and bring
their thoughts/problems directly to R&D to be resolved. However, you
should go through support if you have a problem, as they can escalate
issues to R&D using the problems facilities.

Any ISP should understand this growth pattern/challenge as its the
exact same for their business. We are working hard to staff up to
provide better support for our products.


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