RE: [Emerald] Open Letter to see how we can get our Emerald to work

Greg ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 08:25:02 -0700

That would be why when the question comes up on the ISP lists I'm on of what ISP
billing software to buy Emerald is never mentioned, but I must say RadiusNT is
another story (Rock Solid).

Yeah, I think there are several of us who wished they had spent their money for
another software package. But once you lay out that kind of money you just can't
drop and do it again, you are stuck with it.
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I am totally dissatisfied with IEA's products Emerald / RadiusNT these products are
responsible for considerable loss of income to my business, we are a small and
extremely busy boutique ISP we do not have the man power to sit down and manually
total up the hours and invoice every customer every month this takes far to long. I
can not do basic consolidation. My problems started in December (after upgrading
from v2.2), and I haven't been able to consolidate since then I have even killed off
and retyped in every customer to a fresh version of Emerald. It is difficult enough
to stay in a competitive business but to have the software fight you all the way is
unacceptable. I have left numerous posts on this list to try and get my emerald to
work, I have offered money on this list to IEA to try and get my emerald to work, I
have called tech support to try and get my Emerald to work, I have begged,
complained, talked nicely, and now I have to put an end to it I want someone at IEA
to fix my consolidation problems I want them to login by what ever means are
available to them and have a good look at my Database. I see Emerald as doing 90% of
all that I require however the 10% that does not work is the most important part.
Can someone from IEA call me in Australia on 011 612 9948 1199 or 011 612 9453 1990
or 011 61418 282 648, 24 hours per day don't care what time it is. I will repeat I
do not mind paying if that what it takes to get this done properly.