[Emerald] Fw: Upgrade of Machine - Long

david leigh ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 02:19:51 +0800

Hi All

We have been running Emerald for the past 3 months purely as a graphical
interface to RadiusNT. In general we are very happy with the program (not
affected by any accounting bugs obviously) and hope that our few complaints
will be addressed in the next update.

However, the time has come to think about perhaps utilising the accounting
features. Before we do though, we'd like to greatly expand the power of the
server running SQL (6.5) and Emerald (2.5.265) a 180 Pentium Pro with 192Meg
at present.

I also want to upgrade to SQL 7.0 and use release 2.5.285 when it is

I don't want to try and upgrade the hardware while using the same install
because thats just asking for trouble. I want to do a fresh install,
temporarily plug the old h/d onto the SCSI chain of the new machine and dump
its database onto the new hard-drive. The fresh install will be of the
unified 2.5.285 release as I don't want to bugger around with upgrading
individual .exe's or sql scripts.

Before doing this I have numerous questions.

1) Is the process as straightforward as what I have hoped for above?

2) Is the table structure of 2.5.261 the same as what will be in the new
2.5.285 release? In other words can I just dump the database and let 2.5.285
pick it up immediately or will I need to add bits and pieces (like the new
RADIUS pre-authentication reject table)

3) Since I want to upgrade SQL versions as well, and I want to avoid the
problems of upgrading (like incompatible triggers) I have heard described
before, would it be better to just let 2.5.285 create a whole new database,
and merely pull data across from the old one? And how would I go about doing
this? Call the old dumped database "Old" and run something like Select *
from old insert into emerald? (obviously not real SQL but I think you see my

4) Will I need to do any sneaky stuff to SQL 7.0 or will it just run fine
with Emerald out of the box?

5) What am I missing, and what warnings do others have to give me?

Thanks very much for battling through this lenghty email. I really
appreciate any comments you might have.

David Leigh