Re: [Emerald] Fw: Upgrade of Machine - Long

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 11:15:27 -0700

david leigh wrote:
> 1) Is the process as straightforward as what I have hoped for above?

You can just make a dump on the old machine and transfer it over
the LAN. You probably don't need to phytically move the drives
(which just adds more possibilties of problem).

> 2) Is the table structure of 2.5.261 the same as what will be in the new
> 2.5.285 release? In other words can I just dump the database and let 2.5.285
> pick it up immediately or will I need to add bits and pieces (like the new
> RADIUS pre-authentication reject table)

There are no DB changes for 285.

> 3) Since I want to upgrade SQL versions as well, and I want to avoid the
> problems of upgrading (like incompatible triggers) I have heard described
> before, would it be better to just let 2.5.285 create a whole new database,
> and merely pull data across from the old one? And how would I go about doing
> this? Call the old dumped database "Old" and run something like Select *
> from old insert into emerald? (obviously not real SQL but I think you see my
> point).

I would just let SQL 7 upgrade your 6.5 database. Pulling the
data is not a trivial thing to do, and will not gain you

> 4) Will I need to do any sneaky stuff to SQL 7.0 or will it just run fine
> with Emerald out of the box?

So far it runs fine (actually a lot better than 6.5) w/out any changes.


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