[Emerald] PROBLEMS....HELP!

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 May 1999 11:04:34 -0400

Well, the saga continues.

We were using Emerald 2.5.263 until last week. The MAJOR problems we were=
having is switching CC to renewals and reports are not reporting numbers=
accurately. Leaving reports alone for now, this is the situation

Last week we migrated to 2.5.278 which is good for batches only on our=
billing computer. If we try to click accounts, invoices or any other=
buttons we get program shutdown errors. The good part is it fixed the CC=
to renewal problem but we can't use it for anything else. We had to run 2=
versions of Emerald to get through the day. What a pain!

Now, I downloaded 2.5.285. We can use all of the buttons without shutting=
down, the batch does not change CC to renewal, but it calculates our=
annual customers bill incorrectly.
The scenario is:

We charge $25 per month for unlimited.
We charge $200 per year for unlimited.
For this to calculate correctly prior to 2.5.285 we set an annual pay=
period in administrator for 12 months at a 33.3333% discount and it worked=
Now 2.5.285, with no other changes is calculating that at $200.04 instead=
of $200.00

I cannot understand how some major bugs can be fixed and others created in=
1 upgrade.

If anyone can help us, please let me know. It is a pain using 2 different=
versions just to get through every day correctly.

I am also looking for an SQL query that:

1 can specify a specific time period
2 will report payments for only taxable accounts during that time period