Re: [Emerald] Overlimit Field

Jeff Woods ( )
Sun, 16 May 1999 11:03:56 -0400

'Twas one of the first things we tried. No combination of paths and
toggles of that switch would solve that problem. (But I can view and
print other reports, such as the "ccinv.rpt" from the batch tab, so it
isn't a crystal reports problem).

At 11:24 PM 5/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>From: Jeff Woods <>
> >BTW, talk to Sean about the headache of NONE of the reports appearing in
> >the client, on the reports button. We've used UNC's (verifying that
> >they're active), qualified paths, and more -- and NEVER is there a report
> >available, not one. Sean was ready to pull his hair out, as was Kurt, and
> >we wound up wasting almost 90 minutes of my upgrade assistance package
> >trying to solve that minor problem (plus another hour on another call).
>In Emerald Admin, go into the Client config, then UNcheck "Force Client to
>only use Global Reports". I think this problem has been fixed in Emerald
>2.5.285, but I haven't tested it thoroughly enough yet.