Re: [Emerald] cisco and radius NT problem URGENT URGENT URGENT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 May 1999 12:32:00 -0700

Nada wrote:
> We are facing a HUGE problem on Cisco access servers and Emerald ; we
> have a large number of start sessions without any stop sessions and we
> have some customers login in for free because the calls table and the
> calls on line table are not updated as they should. Many customers seem
> to be still on line even though they have disconnected a log time ago
> !!!
> We have about 4000 records with a start session and without a stop one
> !!!!!

Run RadiusNT in -x15 debug mode and see what going on with your
If the Cisco is re-using AcctSessionIDs, I would call and complaing to
Cisco about it. Sure, we can work around the problem, but that doesn't
solve the actual problem itself. Several people had to do this with
USR, before they issued a patch similiar to this a while ago.

> Do we need to modify any parameter in our configuration in order to make
> it work ???
> In case we modify the key of the calls table to include :
> 1- acctsessionid
> 2- Nasidentifier
> 3- acctseessiontype
> And 4- Username
> Will it affect anything ?
> will it solve the problem ?

Adding username will probably make it less likely to be a duplicate,
but doesn't solve the actual problem.

> The cisco access server seem to send duplicate sessionids to Radius Nt
> even though it was NOT the case while using another radius.

RadiusNT has nothing to do with what Cisco sends. Its possible that
other RADIUS server was not as adament about tracking the duplicates.


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