Re: [Emerald] cisco and radius NT problem URGENT URGENT URGENT

Don Barron ( (no email) )
Sun, 9 May 1999 15:55:14 +0930


We have the same problem with a cisco 2511. The users show in the calls
online but when they disconnect the calls online says there still online.

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Date: Sunday, 9 May 1999 7:37
Subject: [Emerald] cisco and radius NT problem URGENT URGENT URGENT

>We are facing a HUGE problem on Cisco access servers and Emerald ; we
>have a large number of start sessions without any stop sessions and we
>have some customers login in for free because the calls table and the
>calls on line table are not updated as they should. Many customers seem
>to be still on line even though they have disconnected a log time ago
>We have about 4000 records with a start session and without a stop one
>Do we need to modify any parameter in our configuration in order to make
>it work ???
>In case we modify the key of the calls table to include :
>1- acctsessionid
>2- Nasidentifier
>3- acctseessiontype
>And 4- Username
>Will it affect anything ?
>will it solve the problem ?
>The cisco access server seem to send duplicate sessionids to Radius Nt
>even though it was NOT the case while using another radius.
>I am waiting for your reply,