RE: [Emerald] Two Easy Questions

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Thu, 6 May 1999 14:20:03 -0400

How many customers do you currently have and how much RAM is in your
SQL/Radius server? Also isn't there something about allocating memory so
that tempdb is in ram to speed things up?

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> >2) Our call history consolidation works (and has always worked) very
> >quickly. We have 1000MBR's and still, weekly consolidation takes only 5
> >minutes or so. GREAT!!!!! But when we check to see how much
> time a user
> >has used during the last month, it takes over a minute for the
> information
> >to appear on the screen on the TimeOn tab. Is there something I
> can do to
> >make the TimeOn function work more quickly?
> Let SQL have more RAM. By default, SQL server only gets 16 MB of
> RAM, even
> if the box has hundreds of megs. If you give it enough to cache your
> entire Emerald database, these queries will be nearly
> instantaneous, since
> they'll be done in RAM, not from a hard drive....
> In SQL EM, right-click on the SQL server, and go to CONFIGURE.
> Click on the "Configuration" tab.
> Go down to MEMORY, where you'll see that very little is allocated. Up
> this to about 64MB *less* than is currently in your NT box. i.e. if you
> have 128 MB of RAM, make this number 32768, meaning 64 MB of RAM is
> available to SQL server, up from 16 MB. Hint: If you cannot
> make enough
> room for the ENTIRE Emerald database in the RAM you have, under these
> guidelines, add more RAM.
> Now go down to "tempDB in RAM" on the same page, and make this match the
> above (again, addimg more RAM if needed).
> Shut down and restart SQL server. Your FIRST query will be as slow as
> normal, but after that, they'll smoke.
> Be sure to leave enough available RAM for other tasks on the box, such as
> RadiusNT and the NTOS kernel. Use Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
> to view how
> much available physical RAM is left after these changes, and be sure to
> leave a margin for error. If you start swapping to disk, you'll
> slow back
> down.
> Again, ADD MORE RAM. NT loves RAM, and SQL loves it even more.
> If you've
> got less than 256 MB of RAM on your SQL box, then you're probably a
> candidate for upgrading it.
> If you're trying to run a mail server, or a web server, etc, on the same
> box -- don't. Dedicate a fast, RAM-padded box to SQL and RadiusNT, and
> make the above changes. Wow. What a difference.