Re: [Emerald] Emerald and MailSite

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:07:48 -0700

James Martin wrote:
> The IP addresses are on "Server A" because that is where the virtual web
> servers are.
> The DNS hosts file for each virtual domain has a MX
> entry pointing to the default mail domain as referred to in Emerald.
> IN MX 10
> The MailSite mail server is on "Server B" for performance reasons. It would
> not be practical or possible to have all virtual domain IP addresses bound
> to one physical server that houses the mail server.

You have three choices:

1) Put the IP on the mail server and use an IP Less configuration
for the web. In this case you have: IN A x.x.x.x IN MX 10 IN CNAME

2) Put two IPs on each machine: IN A x.x.x.x IN MX 10 IN A y.y.y.y

3) Put the IP on the web server and use an IP Less configuration
for the mail. In this case you have: IN MX 10 IN A y.y.y.y

Obviously 2 is ideal, but thats a large waste of ips. The first
would be my preference, as its going to give the most compatability.
However, if the user is just going to forward all mail to an
account that is, then you don't need an IP for either
and can setup a virtual mail server.

> >This is because the domain of the user's group is not set
> >correctly. Are you trying to enter a different email address
> >in the email field than the user's login?
> All users in Emerald are under one group "Dialup Users" which has the
> default domain listed "". I know I can probably create a new group
> with a different default mail domain, but then I will have to make a lot of
> other changes as well.

There is a current issue with Mailsite on how it handles the email
field. Support has a new VerifyMailUser stored procedure that
works around this issue until we can work with Mailsite to
resolve it.

> >Did you add the Alias in Emerald 2.5 or Mailsite? I'm not quite
> >following the alias.
> I added the alias in Emerald on the "Services\Aliases and Forwards" Tab. If
> I have a a entry in the Emerald Login Field named "joe" and run
> verifymailuser it will return "" as the maildomain. If I add a
> alias for joe of verifymailuser will return a maildomain of

Mailsite currently does not support the aliases and forwards. I would
not recommend using those.

> What I am trying to do is come up with the simplest, most efficient means
> of setting up virtual mail domains for our virtual domains using Emerald
> and MailSite. I would appreciate any suggestions.

With the workaround VerifyMailUser proc, you can use the email field as
a psuedo alias that should work. That is the only addition that we
support with Mailsite currently.


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