Re: [Emerald] Email Invoices

Jeffrey Stevison ( (no email) )
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 12:39:57 -0500

This sounds like a very good idea. That is exactly what I'm looking for.

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> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
> >However, I'll look into trying to come up with a way to allow you to
> >configure that information w/out requiring crystal reports. Its
> >not that we are against it, its just that you are the first person
> >to bring it up as an issuse. :(
> This stuff has no bearing on us because we already have CR6, but I do have
> an idea that seems simple enough to take care of the people who don't have
> CR6.
> Maybe a new table ("ISP" or something) could be added to the Emerald db
> contains at least the following columns (at least in the US):
> Company varchar(50)
> Address1 varchar(50)
> Address2 varchar(50)
> City varchar(50)
> State varchar(20)
> Zip varchar(10)
> Email varchar(50)
> Phone varchar(20)
> SupportURL varchar(50)
> And have IEA take whatever Invoice.rpt file they distribute and either
> a copy of it or modify it so that the above information is displayed on it
> in some way so that the companies that don't have a way of editing the
> reports at least have their company's info on the invoice for when they
> mail/email it out. This would work for all companies and wouldn't be
> customized in any way for one individual company.
> Obviously, anyone with CR6 can remove the information off of the
> file if they didn't want it, and could also not bother creating the new
> table in Emerald unless they had some other use for it.
> So my suggestion is for IEA to write/release a short SQL script to
> a generic "ISP" table for the Emerald db and insert those columnnames into
> revised invoice.rpt file so that the output looks organized in some way,
> maybe something like:
> ISP Name Phone: 850-555-1212
> 123 Main St. Email:
> PO Box 1234 Support:
> Tallahassee, FL 32301
> Josh Hillman