RE: [Emerald] Email Invoices

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 15:43:23 -0400

No, he's not. I brought this issue up 4 months ago and my email posting was
ignored. In fact one of the other IEA techs replied to my posting:

"If you HAVE to buy CR to use Emerald, why didn't you say so on you list of
requirements to use Emerald"


"You don't have to have CR to use Emerald, it works fine without it."

Which was a silly because everyone using Emerald knows you MUST edit the
standard invoices to add your address etc.

If I had known I HAD to buy CR before buying Emerald, it wouldn't have been
an issue. I would have just factored the price into the purchasing decision
and the flexibility of CR would have been seen as a plus. But to have
purchased Emerald and THEN find out that I *HAD* to buy CR was very
annoying. (Mainly because of the time it took to find this out, then having
find out exactly what version of CR was needed, then buy it. ended up
being a two week delay in deployment of Emerald.)

> However, I'll look into trying to come up with a way to allow you to
> configure that information w/out requiring crystal reports. Its
> not that we are against it, its just that you are the first person
> to bring it up as an issuse. :(
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