RE: [Emerald] Feature Request

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 11:10:56 -0500

While I am not a "expert" programmer by a long shot, I have been studying
both the telnet and snmp aspect... along the same lines that you are
speaking of.. I read LOTS of books and one that I picked up recently has to
do with Visual Basic and Internet programs.. the one that caught my eye was
telnet... it has the source and etc... so what I have been playing with is
setting up a program that would access each NAS, get a list of users and
other info... check against the callsonline table.. fix the ones that don't
match.... then go to the next NAS.....

I am not sure I can accomplish this task in a reasonable length of time, but
I am working on it....

And yes on the CLEAR ALL button!!

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> 2nd!! All in favor?
> Actually, what would be the MOST interesting, would be
> "reconcile" feature
> that would check the current online users, either via SNMP or telnet, and
> make the list match..
> Also, having a "clear all calls" button/menu option would be helplful for
> those times you need to start over anyway.. It takes 2 people 30 mins to
> clear our online table after a dump.. I'm sure there's an SQL statement in
> there somewhere that would do the same thing.
> Donn