[Emerald] EmeraldAuth.dll

Alexander Blauvelt ( online@olg.com )
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 10:39:17 -0400

I know this is beta software and its not guaranteed to work... We're
trying to use it with serv-u, chris has already posted here about that
specific problem... I read through the documentation and made this

"When EAD is used with Microsoft SQL Server, almost all SQL statements
are stored procedures. This provides maximum flexibility and control of
the database interaction. Below is a list of stored procedures used."

"Name Description
VerifyUser Check user information for Generic API.
VerifyMailUser Check user information for Mail API.
VerifyNewsUser Check user information for News API.
VerifyFTPUser Check user information for FTP API."

There is no VerifyUser stored procedure in our database. Is this
absolutely required for EmerAuth.dll to function ?

The other 3 are there.