Re: [Emerald] Shell Accounts

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:03:09 -0400

From: Ed and Kathy Tate <>
>We are using Lucent/Livingston PMIIIs, Emerald Version 2.5.261 and radius
>2.5.162. We have purchased an ISP who has BSDI servers and we are
>re-locating their servers to our location. We want to authenticate those
>customers for PPP as well as their shell
>accounts. How do we do this? What is the radius attributes they will
>Do you need to use the Shell: filed in Emerald for the user name for the
>shell account? Will it use the password in the password field for the

These are the radius settings (excluding idle timeout and maximum session
duration values) we use for our "Business PPP Account" (our normal "PPP
Account" is nothing more than PPP). It supports PPP as well as direct login
to a unix shell account (if they're using some terminal program to connect
instead of Dial-Up Networking or some other PPP connection):
Framed-Protocol: PPP
Login-Host: (IP address of unix server)
Login-Service: Rlogin

You'll need to make sure that the "/etc/hosts" file (I think that's the one)
on the unix machine has the IP address(es) of your PM3s or it'll prevent the
user from logging in.

In Emerald, you don't need to use the "Shell" field for this. It works off
of the Login and Password fields.