RE: [Emerald] Error setting individual radius settings in .263

Brad Teague ( )
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 08:55:38 -0500

Thank you for the suggestion. However this wasn't my question really. I was
wanting to know actually about the error message I'm getting when trying to
set Radius settings which is totally unrelated to the fact the user is using
3.1. I just wanted to know if anyone had an idea why I'm getting this error.

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> Brad,
> Is this 3.1 user using Internet Explorer or Trumpet winsock. If they
> are
> using trumpet winsock get them IE.
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> Subject: [Emerald] Error setting individual radius settings in .263
> Hi, I'm having a lot of problems with a 3.1 user authenticating, and
> getting
> a ppp session started up. I was wanting to try and mess around with and
> set
> some radius settings under the "radius" tab in the service section of this
> user so as to leave all of my changes unique to this user and easily
> reversible. However, when I try and make a change I get an error. The
> first
> setting I tried was to add the "Primary DNS-Server". When I clicked add to
> add this entry to the list, it gave me the error,
> 'Runtime Error 13' Type Mismatch
> ...and then Emerald shuts down when I select "OK". ( the only button)
> I'm not sure why it is doing this, so I thought I'd pick everyone elses'
> brain.
> Thanks,
> Brad
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