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Ken Sorenson ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:11:43 -0600

I have seen the name when the caller is not known.. What I am getting is an
Account Expired, with out any idea who or what was entered as an attempt to
log on. It would be nice to see who is trying to logon with an expired
account in the logfile.. Its not a crucial request.. Its just we utilize the
radius error log on a system that we do not have the Emerald client.


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Ken Sorenson wrote:
> Along these lines, When a caller has an expired account, radius error logs
> "Account Expired" However, when someone inputs a non existant name,
> log displays what was typed in.. Can we show in radius log the names of
> callers in addition to the "Account Expired"? It would be nice to be able
> to tell who is trying to use an expired account, or a deactivated account.

When a user is not found, RadiusNT logs a 10, User not found. That
is what is displayed in the RadiusNT logs in Emerald as well. In
both cases, the name of the caller IS shown. I'm not quite sure
what you mean by the last sentence, but the person trying to use
the expired/inactive account is the person themself?


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