Re: [Emerald] Error Log

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:07:50 -0500

From: Ken Sorenson <>
>Along these lines, When a caller has an expired account, radius error logs
>"Account Expired" However, when someone inputs a non existant name, Radius
>log displays what was typed in.. Can we show in radius log the names of the
>callers in addition to the "Account Expired"? It would be nice to be able
>to tell who is trying to use an expired account, or a deactivated account.

The "1" in the second-to-the-last line in the script below, makes it show
data only since midnight of the current date. Increase that number (of
days) and it'll go further back in time. The line that starts with "AND
Username like" is there because we sometime search through the logs based on
the username. We have it defaulted to "LIKE '%%'" so that it includes
everyone unless we enter in a username to search for.

SELECT rl.LogDate, rl.UserName, rm.Description, rl.Data
FROM RadLogs rl, RadLogMsgs rm
WHERE rl.RadLogMsgID = rm.RadLogMsgID
AND DateDiff(Day, rl.LogDate, GetDate()) < 1
AND Username LIKE '%%'
/* % acts as a wildcard and can be removed if necessary */
ORDER BY rl.LogDate


>-----Original Message-----
>We just started authentication yesterday and in general we are thrilled
>our new found source control and information. We have been testing like
>crazy and as you can see by our messages are coming up with questions and
>observations. One thing we noticed that is not a problem but a request to
>be changed in the future is:
>When you deactivate a master record or any of the individual services, it
>works correctly but the error message in the log says "User not found", it
>would be great if that could be changed to "User not active".

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