[Emerald] Emerald/VOPmail auto dbase mailboxes

Ken Sorenson ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:27:32 -0600

I think I have everything set up for the integration of Emerald and VOPmail.
I ran the first test last night, and it didn't seem to work all that well.

I have created my external process, and referred to it in VOP dbase set up

I have run the export deal

When setting the VOP database settings, it found all of my domains. I
checked auto create mailboxes on 15 smaller domains, and processed. There
was a pause, then it was complete. All domains show up on the folder list,
however there are no mailboxes. I then set up a few users in outlook and
logged in and checked mail, It would not authenticate any of the email
accounts, and It did not appear to make any mailboxes.

All users (email accounts) are listed in Emerald, as individual sub accounts
with the MBR referencing the proper domain (billing group).

Any ideas? What am I missing?



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