[Emerald] Serious Issue

Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:06:32 -0600

Well we attempted to consolidate yesterday with no such luck.

Our calls table is huge with 1801136
records showing on select count(*) from calls

The summary shows 13 periods to consolidate. However, about 30 hours
only 15k records were done. Is this typical? At that rate we would
never finish consolidating. The SQL server runs on a P2-450, 512MB

It seemed to have messed something up after the emerald client was
killed...we cannot email invoices out now...it returns an error.

At this point I am about willing to dump call records in the call
table and start fresh consolidating every week to keep it low.

Dale how long do you think it would take to run a
delete * from calls with that many records? Will it mess anything up?
Should anything be done like radius stopped before it is run?

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