[Emerald] Auto Batch not working

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:44:13 -0500

We started using Emerald last month. It worked great last month but this
month its not invoicing credit card users for Batch Out.

The problem could have been the 2.5.261 client so I ran the update script
provided by Dale to reset all the accounts from renewal to credit card. But
its still not working. I'm not sure if we have the billing setup in Emerald
correctly because this is only our second month with Emerald. Could
"Permanent Extend: 30" be causing this problem?

In "Batch", I have "Auto Batch" checked, I click "Create Invoice" but it
only creates Invoices for new signups. It doesn't create any Invoices for
the monthly credit card batch. You can see a sample account below. The
customer was batched last month. His account expires 3/9/99 and today is
3/12/99 so he should have been included in todays batch but wasn't.

Example user Account:
David Smith
Created On: 10/9/98
Starts On: 10/9/98
Paid Thru: 3/9/99
Billed Thru: 3/9/99
Last Rec: 2/10/99
Billing Cycle: Default
Pay Period: Monthly
Pay Method: Credit Card
Send Method: Postal Mail
Balance: $0.00
Expire: 3/9/99
Temporary Extend: 0
Permanent Extend: 30
Over Limit: $0.00
Date Type Amount Descrip ID
2/10/99 Payment 14.95 CC Auto 830
2/10/99 Invoice 14.95 PPPDialup 931

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