RE: [Emerald] Auto Batch not working

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 19:08:06 -0500

Well fixed my own problem. After the emails posted about 2.5.261 and
2.5.263 screwing up the accounts, I went back to using 2.5.236. It looks
like 2.5.236 won't batch the accounts. I ftp'd 2.5.267 from the beta
directory and it invoiced the accounts fine. (Except I'm not sure if its
still reseting accounts from credit card to renewal.)

Has anyone had problems with 2.5.267?

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> We started using Emerald last month. It worked great last month but this
> month its not invoicing credit card users for Batch Out.
> The problem could have been the 2.5.261 client so I ran the update script
> provided by Dale to reset all the accounts from renewal to credit
> card. But

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