[Emerald] Connect Emerald to Web

DAN TANG ( (no email) )
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 12:52:28 +0800

>> I am using the Emerald in Australia, so we could not use any of the
>> Credit Card Service in U.S. However we managed to find one bank and
>> one provider to provide the service. The method they employed is a
>> java applet:
>> The customer will download the java applet in the browser, and the
>> java applet will wrap the credit card info into secure package to the
>> provider
>> The provider has secure link to some sort of credit agent to verify
>> the credit card.
>> The credit agent will deal with the credit card issuer and my bank.
>> If everything is OK, the provider will send me a OK with some sort of
>> secure package, my server will verify the package and acknowledge that
>> the payment is OK.
>> Under this circumstance, how do I apply the payment to the Emerald
>> automatically? Or could you supply a store procedure/command line
>> utility will take some parameters and post the charge to Emerald?
>What kind of information do you get back from the CC processing
>system? You have to get something like a customerID or invoiceID
>with the payment amount in order to automatically process it.

We will get InvoiceID and CustomerID from CC processing system.

We are trying to get customer signup on the web automactically. The expired
subaccount would be changed to a particular type of account, which may only
have email access or web access. After the payment been confirm by CC
processing system, it will be changed back to appropiate service type, thus
after customer reconnected they will receive new service.

Currently, Emerald needs to get an invoice first before the customer can pay
it. When we connect the Emerald to the web, we need just-on-time invoicing.
When customer pays then there is inovice.
Because in Australia, the customer keeps switching ISP and change billing
period, 80% of time the automatically generated invoice need to be avoided
because the billing period is wrong or the customer has been off for
serveral days and comes back again. The only way for us to speed up process
and improve the productivity is connect the billing & signup process to the
web, than the front end will be same for everbody, but backend would be very
easy to be tailored to our business rules.


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