[Emerald] 2.5.263 Security setting for Virtual ISP **More Info Provided**

Todd Hutchinson ( emerald@FISolutions.com )
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 18:46:11 -0800

In addition to the information below:
Under Security Configuration for this user, they are set as EmeraldSecure,
Op. Group is their primary and only allowed billing group. The sql user
and a Web user are checked. The permissions for the Operator Group Access
is listed below. I took notes from Sheryl Stover on these setting and they
are set per her specs.
This user can add accounts and use the Rad log however they need to be able
to invoice, and print these invoices. Along with the other things I would
like them to be able to do.

I'm having a problem with the security setting for a virtual ISP. I have
a user setup to be able to
everything but delete MBR's & invoices.
everything on services & incidents.
Read only on Reports & Radius.
The billing group that is set up for them has their own services, pay
periods, Billing Cycles, Charges, and discounts.
PROBLEM is that when they are adding a service to their MBR they can't
check or uncheck the Setup Charge, actually it doesn't even appear. They
need to be able to set which clients have a setup charge. ###$@#$
Addition #$#@## Does this have something to do with also not being able to
add a static charge? This option is all grayed out for that user.
Todd Hutchinson
FISolutions Inc.

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