[Emerald] Very Odd Behaviour

Nada Syriani ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 17:45:42 +0200


I am using emerald admin version 2.5.260 and emerald 2.5.263

1- I am trying to use the primary time option in the rate definition. I
have the following settings:

standard time=0
standard interval = 60
standard charge=1$
charge primary check box was checked
allow overtime check box was not checked

start: 16:30
end: 16:50
regular charge=2$

after saving the end=16:50 suddenly shifts to 17:50, and after
another save it shifts to 18:50 !!! and so on....

2- After saving the start time=16:00 end time=17:00, I have made a
connection with the username='ron6'.
The start time registered in the call date is :April 2 4:45PM
The end time registered in the call date is : April 2 5:06PM
I have updated the calls using the maintenance tab of the emerald
admin, and then I have performed the preinvoicing tab. No charges
were created.
As I understand, concerning the billing, if the primary time is from
12:00AM till 12:00PM charged at 2$, and outside this time the user
is charged 1$. The user who logs in at 11:30AM and logs out at
12:30AM will be charged 30 min at 1$ and 30 min at 2$.

Waiting for your reply and comments.


MIS Department,
IncoNet SAL.

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