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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 09:31:56 -0800

> hostmaster wrote:
> We have been using Emerald for a few months now, but not to it's
> fullest. I am looking for some good reports. I have downloaded
> what's on the FTP site in both the public and contrib areas. I need
> a simple report to show me a one line summary of a User's usage
> (preferrably at the service level) for a given period of time or the
> "current month" I would have thought that Emerald would have shipped
> with quite a few good reports, but I guess they are busy working on
> functionality right now. I have Crystal and plan on tweaking out
> some nice reports at some time, when I have time :) If there is
> anyone who has a set of good reports or just even the one I mentioned,
> I'd be most appreciative for a copy...

When you edit a Service, you can go to the Time-On tab and display
the usage for a definable time period. Once you have searched the
time and have the results, you can select the print button to print
results. This is a crystal reports printout, so you can also
customize it to your needs.

However, I belive you are looking for a rollup summary of this?
Do you want it for just one user or all your users? Its really
not clear exactly what you are looking for since you typically
don't have a one line summary report for a single user.


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