Re: [Emerald] DOH!

Sheryl D. Stover ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 09:53:25 -0800

The delete button requires that you click two OK's which warn you you're
about to delete a master billing record and all of its associated items
permanently. *nudge nudge* we do try. :)

You should also use the new Emerald 2.5 security options to create operator
groups that physically cannot delete MBRs. If there's interest in it, I can
post a primer here on the list for how to use the Emerald security.

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: This same thing has happened to us. You may want to change the locatin
:of the delete button.
: At least is the cause of our problem when it happened to us.
:Just a suggestion.
:>Does anyone know how to copy an MBR from one SQL server to another? I
:>accidentally deleted an MBR that I shouldn't have and didn't realize it
:>until it was too late to re-transfer the backup db onto the primary. I
:>want to copy ONE MBR from the backup server to the primary. Is there a
:>to do this? I know it sounds much simpler than it is.. But any help
:>be great. Thanks!
:>Brandon Bryant
:>Midlink Internet
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