Re: [Emerald] Time On-Line

Daniel Wood ( )
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 13:07:44 -0800

>Daniel Wood wrote:
>> Where does Emerald get the Description for the Terminate cause in
>> the Time On Line screen? Whenever a user disconnects because of a
>> loss of carrier my Ascend sends a Disconnect attribute value of 11
>> and in the Time On Line it shows NAS REBOOT. I have changed the
>> Ascend-Disconnect-Cause in Emerald Admin to Acct-Disconnect-Cause.
>It gets it from the RFC for the Attribute Acct-Terminate-Cause.
>However, you've renamed your Ascend-Disconnect-Reason attribute
>to Acct-Terminate-Cause, and the numbers your Ascend returns doesn't
>match up with the RFC numbers. Emerald has no idea that its an
>Ascnd number vs. an RFC number for that reason.

Yes I understand that but most of the others come back as numbers.
Where does Emerald get information to translate the number 11 to
the discription "NAS Reboot" and can this be changed to at least
display the number like the rest of them?


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