[Emerald] Having Probs with remote logins to emerald (the client prog not dialing in users)

David Ford ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 04:33:29 +1030

Howdy all,

We have a slight problem, emerald works as we want it on the machine it is
installed on, but when trying to access it remotely ie use emerald on
another machine it refuses to let us on

We've added emerald administrators in emerald, that didnt work, added remote
logins to ms sql, still didnt work.

I believe this to be an sql issue as the sql enterprise manager also gets
access denied from any other machine, any pointers for where I can find info
on whats wrong? or even better any one know whats wrong,

We have had a few people in playing with things on the machine, and it is
due to one of these people that remote logins has ceased to work, this
person is no-longer contactable to find out what they did. What I'm saying
is "it used to work" - tm

Coming from a mysql background does ms sql have a hostname table etc in its
auth db (if it has one) or is this too easy?

Thanks for your time,

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