Re: [Emerald] modifying invoices

Ben Conner ( )
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 09:30:42 -0800

At 03:22 PM 2/1/99 -0800, you wrote:
>The AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
>looks dimly on modifying invoices. The best solution is to void an
>old invoice and create a new one. If you were ever to be audited by
>CPA's or governmental agencies and they found out you were
>modifying invoices... the opportunities for fraud, embezzlement, tax
>evasion are just too great.

Having had some more time to reflect on your reply, I have some comments.

First, you need to decide whether Emerald is a Billing package vs an Accounting
package. The two are not necessarily the same. They have different goals at

Sending out incorrect invoices will alienate more users and invite inspection
quicker than almost any other activity. It fosters loss of confidence in us as
a provider.

I currently use Quickbooks to send invoices at this time as I've not been able
to get Emerald to do this yet reliably. I modify invoices in Quickbooks prior
to sending them out with no difficulty. I believe it is considered GAAP
adherent. I could be wrong.

In your documentation for Emerald vsn 2.5, on page 34 of the User's Guide you
have a writeup titled "Editing or Voiding an Invoice" with instructions on how
to edit an invoice. Unfortunately the documentation doesn't match the options
available in the program. But it certainly suggests this feature was planned
for in this release.

We need to be able to add one-time line items to invoices prior to generation.
Can you think of a way to do this?

Thanks for your thoughts on these topics.


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