RE: [Emerald] Auto CC incorrect Amount

Brandon Bryant ( )
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 23:39:06 -0500

OK, I have a minor problem with this.. We CONSTANTLY have a
problem with users getting locked online in Emerald. I have been
through everything, including investing major dollars into server
updrades and a network switch to help the UDP get to where it's going.
I know that my Ascends are sending the stop records, I see it in the
Radius debug on the Ascend. But the stop record is never received by
RadiusNT. Now, I'm not blaming RadiusNT for this, since it could be a
lot of different things, but the problem could be corrected with SNMP.

There are database modifications necessary to make SNMP work
with RadiusNT/Emerald. I have the OID numbers and current MIB files for
my Ascends. That's the help that they gave me for my "$35,000"
investment. But I could give them millions and they are not going to be
able to help me with a database that they did not design. I would be
very willing to request whatever information I needed other than what I
have already from my NAS vendor, if I only knew what RadiusNT expected.
The documentation is clear on how a Livingston would work, but I would
much rather see something more general in the documentation about simply
what RadiusNT needs to make SNMP work, specifically what needs to be
done to the database, and if a script is given, if that script could be
general enough to be able to insert my particular OID and port formula
and have it work. (I've tried this, it did NOT work)

> > 2. I'm still having a problem with users that have disconnected but
> > Emerald's Online Tab still shows them as connected. Even though
> there is
> > a 240 min. time limit on every account, Emerald's Online shows them
> there
> > with their time still racking up into the thousands of mins. The
> users
> > are not able to log back in, because Emerald thinks they are still
> online.
> > I mentioned this before, but have not gotten this resolved.
> The issue here is typically that for whatever reason the stop record
> (UDP datatype) hasn't successfully made it into the database.
> Some NAS' support snmp which allows RadiusNT to query the
> SNMP MIB of the NAS to see if indeed the person is still logged
> on. However we aren't prepared to accept the support burden of
> explaining to everyone how /their/ NAS supports snmp, and would
> request that the NAS vendor who just made $35,000 from their
> customer help in that regard. As time allows, we will pick ONE
> NAS and document how this works, this does not require us
> however to document how snmp works for all 150 NAS' which
> support RADIUS today (but who might not even support snmp).

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