[Emerald] Auto CC incorrect Amount

Alan D. Criado ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 16:38:10 -0500

Hello Dale.

I'm using Emerald 2.5.225.

Several points/problems.

1. One of my customers had two services, one for 19.95 and a second for
24.95, which totals to 44.90 that he WAS getting billed. I deleted the
second service so that only the 19.95 service remains. This last batch run
correctly charged his credit card 19.95; however, when I had Emerald read
in the .Dat file from ICVerify, Emerald applied 44.90 to his account. It
said a payment of 44.90 CC Auto. This is the information in the History Tab
of the this particular client.

2. I'm still having a problem with users that have disconnected but
Emerald's Online Tab still shows them as connected. Even though there is a
240 min. time limit on every account, Emerald's Online shows them there
with their time still racking up into the thousands of mins. The users are
not able to log back in, because Emerald thinks they are still online. I
mentioned this before, but have not gotten this resolved.

3. There are times when I want to open someone's MBR and Emerald tells that
I already have it open (I opened it previously and had forgotten it). Can
you please have Emerald just switch over to the already opened MBR instead
of telling me it's already opened? It would be so much easier than having
to clear the "already opened" message, click on Window, then Windows List
and then the already opened window.

4. It would be nice if in the History it would show the VOIDED invoices
under the TYPE. Right now it shows the VOIDED invoices as just INVOICE and
it's hard to distinguish which Invoices are valid ones and which ones are
the voided ones.

5. With the new Emerald it seems we've lost the ability to do single,
on-the-fly type, invoices. Will this be added back in?


Alan D. Criado

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