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Sat, 30 Jan 1999 10:20:46 -0800

Alexander Blauvelt wrote:
> I know this question has been answered in the past but I've searched
> through the mailing lists and either I have lost my ability to search, or
> iea's search engine could use improvement.

The archives were down the last part of December and and First
part of Janurary. They should be working fine again.

> No matter who I login as with emerald, when I change a record, the record
> is modified as sa, not the login. What do I need to look at to fix this ?

You have integrated security enabled for your SQL Server and do not
have the security mappings setup correctly. The SQL Security Manager
will show you who maps to who. The most common problem for this is
that in the sa mappings, you have your Domain Admins or Administrators
group mapping to SA, and you are in one of those groups.

To properly setup integrated security, create two Groups in the
NT: SQLUsers and SQLAdmins. Map SQLAdmins (and revoke all other groups)
to sa. Then map SQLUsers to normal users.

This is all covered in the SQL 6.5 Administrators companion, Security

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