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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 10:31:04 -0800 wrote:
> Ah so I guess the size of the tempdb on disk doesn't matter once you
> set it in the preferences to be in RAM.


> GREAT News!!! That means I can consolidate without having to worry
> about moving authentication somewhere else. Thanks Dale!

That was one of the main enhacements to the consolidation.

> So what is the 3 step process.

The three steps I outlined below.

> Update Calls in DB Maintenence (only after the upgrade?)

You must do that before running a consolidation if you do not have
the scheduled task that does it automatically.

> Then Summary.
> Then Charges on each of the listings?


> Then Trim? ( I did not see anything on trimming in the manual)

Its was a late entry into the Admin.

> Does whether you choose Month or Year or All in the drop down matter
> when you click Trim.

Yes. What you see in the summary of the trim is what will be removed
where you select delete. Do SMALL chunks at a time (like each month)
and not a full year.

> >The new 2.5 consolidation is three steps rather than one:
> >
> >The first includes updating the new records to include the AccountID
> >and ServerID, based on the Username and NASIdentifier, respectively.
> >This can either be done using the Admin, Manual Calls or with the
> >tasks that get installed when you create the database (the insttask.sql
> >file).
> >
> >The second part is the actual charge and summary calculations. As
> >Emerald goes through, it marks the records (the status field) as
> >being process to prevent duplicate processing.
> >
> >The third part if DB cleanup, or removing old/uneeded records. This
> >is also done in the admin, DB Maintenance, trim calls table.
> >
> >The first two parts both use server side cursors for speed and also
> >to prevent any long term locking of the calls table like the old
> >consolidation did.

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