[Emerald] SPEED

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 20:19:00 -0600

Couple things here...

Any tips on speeding up Consolidation?

Server is a P2-450 with an Ultra-Wide RAID5 Array and 512MB RAM.
SQL memory set to 100mb
tempdb set to 20mb
10mb of tempdb in ram.

The database is quite large, however, it takes a whole day to
consolidate. Was wondering if there were anymore sql settings that
may help.

At that rate it will take us 2 days to clean up our DB after upgrading
to 2.5 before we can start authenticating users on it....or can you
now authenticate with accounting while consolidating?

Another thing I didn't see this in the docs perhaps I missed it...
What is the Update Calls option under DB Maintenance.

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